PPP reacts on remarks of Chief Justice of Pakistan


Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Senator Taj Haider, member of Core-Committee of Pakistan People’s Party, in a press statement has expressed his disappointment over the remarks of the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan calling the Government of Sindh a “total failure”.

If the situation in Sindh from Karachi to Kashmore was indeed so bad, thousands of people would not be migrating to Sindh on a daily basis from the rest of Pakistan, Senator Taj Haider said.

At present only in the Health Sector, 60% of the patients being treated in Sindh Public Sector Hospitals, free of cost come from other provinces and other countries. SIUT, NICVD, Liver Transplant Hospital in Gambat, Cancer Treatment facilities are rated second to none; so is the IBA Sukkur, which is rated as the best university in Pakistan.

The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company in Thar which is reducing our dependence on imported fuels is a trendsetter in self-reliance. Very soon the production of coal would increase 4 times that of its present level.

It is the failure of the Federal Government in collecting and transferring tax resources to the Provinces that remains the major handicap in the development of the provinces. It is sad that the Honourable Chief Justice has raised the possibility of the failed Federal Government correcting the problems faced by the Sindh Government.

It is also very unfortunate that the Attorney General, who belongs to Karachi, seconded this move instead of briefing the Honourable Court about the problems faced by the Sindh Government due to the failure of the Federal Government and its step-motherly treatment of Sindh.

Senator Taj Haider respectfully asked the Honourable Chief Justice to divert his kind attention towards issues like complaints of throwing out of polling agents from polling stations in General Elections 2018, the failure of FBR, the fraudulent Census 2017 which did not count heavy migration from other provinces which are causing depletion of resources and aggravation of civic problems, the treatment meted out to the accused and litigants in lower courts, the delay in taking up the reference of the judicial murder of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the pending case of land reforms, the political victimization and one-sided accountability cases and many other such cases.

Senator Taj Haider concluded by quoting Mr. Justice Fakharuddin G Ibrahim who had said that if the judiciary was doing its job properly many things in the country could be set right. Let all of the concentrates including Judiciary on better performances in our respective spheres.


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