Police holds a jirga at PS


Report: AB Arisar

UMERKOT. A quack lady who was accused of pricking the wrong injection, and causing a wound which led to the disability of an arm of a pregnant lady has reportedly been released after a jirga at police station Bodar Farm and payment of fine Rs 0.2 million.

According to details two weeks before a video of lady Gori was surfaced on social media in which she was heard complaining that a quack lady Hemi had pricked her injection during delivery at her clandestine clinic at Bodar Farm near Umerkot. According to her, it developed a wound, and her arm turned to disable.

The same complaint was sent to the District Health Officer, who constituted a committee, which held an inquiry and recommended police for action. Later a day before police picked the quack lady Hemi and her husband, who was later released after payment of 0.2 million rupees.

Hemi after release told journalists that she had never treated Gori or pricked her. She doesn’t know who pricked her, but Gori is her relative, who had an eye on her plot. Therefore to usurp their plot they have played this drama to blackmail them.

She narrated that police arrested her and her spouse Kanji Kolhi. Later pressurized them through jirga, to pay them Rs 130000 for disability and Rs 70000 for police expenses. She added that they are poor and helpless, therefore they have paid the required amount. Added than 5 persons from Umerkot and Mirpurkhas districts held the jirga. Before this, one landlord had fined them one million rupees, which they refused to pay.

SHO bodar Farm Gul Hassan Abbasi told journalists that they had arrested her, kept on waiting for six hours but the complainant party did not return for registration of the case. He added that they have amicably patched up the matter. He denied any jirga at PS.


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