Facebook, Google, & Apple have introduced new emojis


On the occasion of World Emoji Day, Facebook, Google, and Apple introduced new emojis to express human attitudes and thoughts

Webdesk: All three companies realized that after months of lockdowns and confinement to homes, the public contacted their loved ones online and needed graphics and emojis to find their expression in this single medium.

That’s why all three companies have come up with dozens of new emojis that make it easier to express our feelings.

According to a study, 92% of social media and phone users use emojis at some level, while some people use them in all kinds of conversations. In this way, they can express their reaction immediately through sketches.

But some people dislike them, but whatever the reason, the importance of emojis cannot be denied. That is why all the major companies in the world have released new emojis.


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