Omar Ayub confessed to load-shedding for 12 hours


Islamabad: (Saturday, July 18, 2020) The Federal Government has completely failed to reduce the load shedding and loss of electricity.

Energy Minister Omar Ayub acknowledged the load-shedding for 12 hours. According to official data, power outages lasted for 12 hours in different cities. The Power Division has introduced the new term power management of power load shedding.

According to official data, there is no load shedding in the country but load management is being done. 474 feeders are being loaded for 8 to 12 hours. 6 hours on 623 feeders, 4 hours on 390 feeders.

More than 16 billion units of electricity were lost last year due to system malfunctions and thefts. According to documents, 16 billion units of electricity would meet the country’s demand for two months during the winter season. In the year 2018-19, 14.72% of the electricity generated was lost.

Pesco ranked first with a loss of 5 billion units. Mepco also stole 2.70 billion units and 1.6 billion units of electricity in LESCO. According to the documents, 1.42 billion units of electricity were lost in Hesco while 1.21 billion units were stolen in Fesco.


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