No plan to remove Mayor of Karachi, will write a letter to federal govt on IRSA issue: Sindh Govt


Staff Report
KARACHI: Sindh Government categorically said that there is no any plan to remove Mayor of Karachi, a letter will be sent to federal government against its unconstitutional decision to remove IRSA members. Juma and Eid prayers will be allowed, to follow SOPs will compulsory.

Talking to hurriedly called media briefing, provincial ministers Nasir Hussain Shah, Saeed Ghani, Murtaza Wahab have said that its wrong perception that Revenue Registrar offices were opened by the province of Sindh, but in fact these offices were opened by Punjab government first.

It was because of Prime Minister insisted that construction business should be opened at once. Constructions business cannot run without opening offices of registrar. They have said that to remove IRSA members was unconstitutional decision of federal government, Sindh government going to write a letter to federal government requesting revert back its decision. If they didn’t respond positively, Sindh government will knock doors of judiciary.

Replying to a question they said that Sindh government has not any plan to remove Mayor of Karachi. Sindh is only province were local government existing. There is no local government in any other province.


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