Sindh Education Department, has launched an Android mobile app for students from KG to Class V


Karachi (Staff Reporter) Sindh Minister for Education and Labor Saeed Ghani has said that we are not in a position to open educational institutions in Sindh province at present and even if we do open, parents may not send their children to school in view of the situation.

There is no substitute for school and we are fully aware of that. The Sindh Education Department, in collaboration with various NGOs, has today launched an Android mobile application for students from KG to Class V.

The opposition has all shifted and we no longer need to respond to their grievances Is Opposition parties in all the provinces have shown responsibility after the outbreak of the coronavirus, but the opposition in Sindh, which is completely out of its mind, is not yet ready to show any responsibility.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference on the occasion of inauguration of Sindh Education and Literacy mobile app at Sindh Assembly Auditorium on Tuesday.

Sindh Education Secretary Syed Khalid Haider Shah, Secretary Colleges Sindh Baqir Naqvi, SEF MD Kabir Qazi, UNICEF’s Asif Abrar, Microsoft’s Jibran Jamshed, Sabq’s Hassan Rizwan, CPM’s Hanif Chana, Educator Dr. Fauzia Khan and others were also present.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the app, the media was informed about the full details of the app on the screen and it was informed that Sindh province is the first province in this regard, which introduced the app in English and Urdu as well as Sindhi language.

He said that soon all the subjects will be in Sindhi language as well as arithmetic and other subjects are available in Sindhi at present.

He said that the Sindh Education Department has provided scholarships to UNICEF, Microsoft, Lessons Foundation, My Lessons and Sindh Education Foundation. In collaboration with English and Urdu as well as Sindhi language for students from KG to V.

Ykysn is going on today, which will significantly help children read at home sitting at your Education curriculum. Similar educational reforms will soon be implemented through cable operators and FM radio.

Talking to media on the occasion, Sindh Minister for Education and Labor Saeed Ghani said that we acknowledge that the closure of educational institutions due to the corona virus has damaged education, but even now the situation and In the briefings given to us by the experts through the task force on a daily basis, it is still not possible for us to open educational institutions.

Saeed Ghani said, “Of course, after yesterday’s high court, my personal opinion is that we should open everything in the school, because when the purchase of clothes for Eid is important for someone, more education than these clothes.

Is important Saeed Ghani said that whether the decision of the court is wrong or right, we are bound to abide by this decision. He said, however, that the constitution also stipulates that all institutions should take decisions within their limits and it was the responsibility of the government to ensure implementation of these decisions.

To a question, he said, “We are by no means oblivious to the concerns and concerns of private school owners, so I have said in all my meetings and press conferences that parents must pay their children’s school fees every month.”

He said that if not today then tomorrow inshallah the situation will be better and these educational institutions will reopen but if the educational institutions do not remain then the future of the children may be bleak. Replying to another question, Saeed Ghani said that all the problems of teachers in the education department are being resolved on priority basis, however, the cases pending in the courts and the cases in the NAB may be delayed.

Besides, the education department is working to resolve all the issues including teachers’ salaries, their regulation, 2012 teachers, teachers who have passed the test as soon as possible and insha-Allah all these issues will be resolved.

On another question, Saeed Ghani said that the Attorney General of Sindh fought the Sindh case vigorously in the esteemed judiciary and presented the position of Sindh, but the right to decide lies not with him but with the esteemed judges.

On the question of education budget for the year 2020-21, he said that funds are being transferred from the federation to the provinces for allocation in the budget. He said that this year there will be difficulties in the budget and also reduction in development works.

Is possible Responding to a question on the non-teaching of Sindhi language in some private schools despite the compulsory teaching of Sindhi language in educational institutions in Sindh, Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said that there is a clear law in this regard in Sindh.

Complaints are also being processed and are ongoing. He said that it was clear that Sindhi subject must be taught in all educational institutions.

Responding to a question about the ongoing criticism of the government by the opposition parties in Sindh and the failure to convene an assembly session, Ghani said that unfortunately all the people of the opposition party PTI in Sindh have shifted.

He said that all the steps taken by the Sindh government so far regarding the corona virus were not at the behest of Murad Ali Shah, Saeed Ghani or the cabinet alone but all these steps and decisions were taken in full consultation of the task force comprising experts. And they are done with their opinion.

Saeed Ghani said that Sindh was the only province in the country after the outbreak of Coronavirus, whose opposition had shown irresponsibility. Opposition parties in all other provinces have sided with their governments.

Replying to a question, Saeed Ghani said that Firdous Apa of Sindh should learn a lesson from Firdous Apa of Islamabad on how this Apa has been thrown out like a bee in milk by his own party. He said that there was no need for us to respond to the bhangis of the PTI. To another question, he said that the decision to close shopping malls was not ours but of the federation and even today we are implementing the decisions of the federal government in Sindh.


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