Then people should not vote for us


Qazi Asif

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was giving a briefing to the media in a soft tone in the Sindh Assembly Auditorium. He seemed to be controlling his emotions. He also wanted to take the central government by surprise but then, confiscating, was responding in a soft tone. Much has been said about his briefing on media channels. In which he has advised the Prime Minister that if he is not going to take charge, he should resign and hand over the responsibility to someone else. He wants to be the mayor of Islamabad, or the prime minister of the country. And no matter how many people die in the plague in the country, the Prime Minister will be satisfied and he will be ready for a more severe lock down. Almost all the words of Bilawal Bhutto have come in the media. I want to say one or two more things, they may have gone live but they did not come in the media later.

Tired, it should end now. We journalists also looked at each other on this question. Bilawal Bhutto looked at the journalist. “We know people are bored or disgusted,” he said. We will not end the lock down, despite the wishes of some, the demands of the industrialists, the repeated expressions of the federation. We are following the SHOP provided by the WHO. We will end the lock down only after consulting doctors, nurses and paramedics fighting on the front lines. People are angry. But the lives of the people are dear to us. Despite the anger of some people, they will do whatever is needed to make the lives of the people safer.

For this, we will not look at who is happy and who is angry. If people are angry about saving their lives, don’t vote for us in future. If we are elected and sent to the assemblies, we will take every step to secure the lives of the people. And the lock down will continue throughout Ramadan. He advised the people not to go out of Karachi on Eid as the virus was spreading all over Sindh. Stay at home in the city. The month of May is very dangerous. It has to be dealt with. To a question, Bilawal Bhutto said that we want to do a lot for the people. The highest ration in the country has been distributed in Sindh. Writers and historians are free to write about what we have done for the people. Because the question is asked only from Sindh, no province of the country is asked what happened there, how the government worked there.


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