Losing president, helpless government

Qazi Asif

When the places of worship of all religions of the world are closed to avoid the deadly epidemic, when all the mosques in the Islamic world countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Malaysia, Iraq, Tajikistan, Egypt, Bahrain, Palestine, Afghanistan and Other places of worship are closed, while the major, major places of worship of all religions, including the Maldives, Ghana, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France, are closed. It has been agreed to perform collective worship in all mosques. The agreement was reached that now in Ramadan there will be Taraweeh and congregational prayers. While allowing this, the President did not keep the results of the Tablighi Ijtema in Raiwind before him.

The fact of the matter is that whatever the state in Pakistan may seem to show to the world, but in reality the status of Parliament, Prime Minister’s House, Courts, Presidency is not even that of Maulana C. of Lal Masjid. Acknowledge that the real state is that of the religious leaders. What is happening in the name of scholars. That is the real state. The Constitution of Pakistan, which General Zia used to call not only a piece of paper but also proved it, even before the scholars, the Constitution of Pakistan, the law, the state has no status, it is practically every piece of paper. Everything he says, will and intention is law as well as constitution.

Hasn’t it been proved that Maulana of Lal Masjid in Islamabad is not violating the law of Pakistan in public? Three FIRs have been registered at Aabpara police station but what is the status of these cases?

It is a historical fact that when religious parties are rejected by the people in general elections, democracy is declared un-Islamic by this religious class, because they cannot win. Then what other way is left for them to keep power in their hands, do whatever they want, they come out in the field with the slogan of Sharia, by which they play with the religious sentiments of the people and force these democratic regimes to do so. Do whatever they want. Because the law and the law are in conflict.

The injustice is that each sect has its own law. But one thing all religious parties have in common is that the real decision-making of the state should be their will and will. Health, education, science, everything should go according to their will, otherwise everything will be stamped as illegal and they will be excluded from the realm of religion. There is no room for intellect, wisdom, thought. No one can raise a question or seek an answer.

European Reformation handed over power in this world from the church to the state. Instead of the pope, democratic states began to decide. How many instances have there been in the recent past where a state has changed its laws or writ under pressure from the pope?

And then there is the question of whether the parliament in Pakistan is trembling even while legislating on humanitarian issues. Many examples can be given, when religious groups apologized for withdrawing the law.

In the name of the Shari’a, the religious leaders are holding the state hostage, where even human lives are of no value. The way to go.

Well-known British Muslim religious scholar Zia-ud-Din Sardar says that Sharia is not a divine law. If there is a deity in Islam, it is only the Qur’an. These laws are the clear principles of man.

He writes, “There was no Shari’ah in the time of the Messenger of Allah. One and a half hundred years after the demise of the Messenger of Allah, the collection of knowledge and deeds which was called religious knowledge was not called Shari’ah. This knowledge was mostly personal, independent and subjective.” The work of making it objective and legal was done in the early Abbasid period, when the accumulated knowledge was mixed with history, after which the acquisition of knowledge came to be considered a product of Muslim history itself, rather than a historical process. Thus, history has replaced religious education and research, and the purpose of education is no longer to be understood by reason.

Rather, he was left to understand only the fatwas of the ancient jurists. The will of God, which was formerly considered a rational agent, is now understood through omniscience, and was given the name of Sharia. Therefore, what Muslims today call Shariah has nothing to do with the truth of Islam. In fact, it is jurisprudence which is a fatwa and court decisions frozen in history. Here, Shariah actually becomes a tool of dictatorial system. That is why the dictators and kings of the Muslim world love Sharia.

Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi said that the religious debates that took place in the early years of the establishment of Pakistan and the religious leaders wanted their share in the power of the state, said that the concept of a modern state was obsolete when, Ulema Committee drafts resolution of objectives, so from now on the state should be formed on Islamic ideology. And, in fact, the religious leaders practically abandoned Quaid-e-Azam’s idea of ​​a modern state. The manifestations of which we are seeing today.

Now, in a nutshell, we need to understand what this committee of scholars was. All the major religious parties in Tehreek-e-Pakistan, Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, Jamaat-e-Islami, Majlis-e-Ahrar, were all against the establishment of Pakistan but when Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani supported the Muslim League, a separate party was formed in 1945 under the name Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam. Of In 1946, the Muslim League formed a committee of elders. After the formation of Pakistan, another committee of scholars was formed which in 1949 formulated a document called the Popular Resolution Objectives. In other words, the committee recommended a presidential system of government, and made it mandatory for a president to be a man or a Muslim. Women were deprived of the right to be president.

Dr. Mubarak Ali writes that in the short history of Pakistan, we see scholars gradually gaining strength. It began with the secular leadership accepting a few of their demands to please them in order to gain their support, but it was this weakness that helped the ulema move forward, and as a result the democratic and Secular institutions became equally weak. And the turn came to the point that all the political parties became a toy in the hands of the ulema to prove themselves religious and now all political, economic and social issues are being understood through religion and the ulema to make each party more religious. Following the advice.

In order to understand the state of ulema within the state of Pakistan, it was necessary to present these brief facts. In fact, in the eyes of the ulema, where a president fails, so does the state. Now, whether it is Corona or some other epidemic, let people die. But in Ramadan, there will be no congregational prayers in the mosques, a large number of people will not attend, if there is no Taraweeh, where will the donations come from? Where to get Zakat and Sadaqat? It’s a one-year season, so how can they let it go?


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