Corona virus has started affecting mentally handicapped children in Karachi. Doctors sounded the alarm.


Ahmed Aftab

When the winds blow, the weak leaves are the first to fall. Corona’s wind of death is also blowing weak leaves in every part of the earth. Old, poor, ignorant and disabled people are piled up like dry leaves. Chaos, incompetence and lock downs have left many people in a place they never thought possible. On the other hand, the thunderbolts of unemployment are also burning small houses along with the epidemic.

Karachi’s Dr Maria Kazmi is one of those people who is watching her victory over Corona turn into a defeat. The female doctor, who has been treating and rehabilitating children with autism and other mental illnesses for 18 years, has dozens of patients. So far, she has been fighting this challenge. Parents from all over the country bring their children to them for treatment. But now the situation in Corona and Lock down is about to wipe out their years of struggle.

The slow and courageous progress that Dr. Maria made possible one step at a time. If the situation does not change, it is likely to disappear. He complains that at present everyone in the society is focused on the distribution of rations and food but no one is paying attention to the mentally handicapped children.

In Karachi alone, there are 174 registered institutions for the disabled and thousands of children and adults were receiving treatment, education and rehabilitation services. Lock downs and the closure of institutions have locked them all in their homes, making things worse.

Let’s see how the winds of the situation are about to uproot these weak leaves. Learn how a female doctor is trying to stop these leaves from scattering by turning the winds. Think about how we can all work together to keep these winds at bay. Check out an important conversation with Dr. Maria that will give you important points about the effects of the corona virus on children with autism and other mental illnesses.


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