The new test found 86 more corona sufferers: Murad Ali Shah


We did 586 more tests in the last 24 hours, 86 more corona cases were found in the new test, 11623 tests were done till yesterday and after adding new numbers, the total number is 12209, bringing the total number of corona patients to 1214. The number of patients recovering is 358 which is 30% of the total patients. In the last 24 hours, there was one death due to corona. This was the death of my brother-in-law Syed Mehdi Shah. The total number of deaths due to corona is 22. 1.8% of total patients.

Syed Mehdi Shah was 52 years old. On March 28, his corona test came positive. Mehdi Shah won the battle with corona. His 2 tests came negative. Mehdi Shah cocorona caused lung and other diseases. Mehdi Shah was not declared a Corona patient in the hospital, yet we buried Mehdi Shah on the basis of Corona SoP.

Thousands of people sent condolence messages in this hour of grief. Most of the people who sent condolence messages do not know me. I am grateful to all those who have offered condolences. Friends are requested to pray in their homes for the forgiveness of Mehdi Shah. Chief Minister Sindh once again appealed to the people to stay at home, keep distance from each other, play their role in protecting the lives of their families and friends, defeat Korona by implementing government decisions.


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