Shave your head, protect from COVID-19


Jameel Chandio

KARACHI: People of village Mazar Khan Jokhio sub-rub area of Malir Karachi, have reached on the conclusion that shaving heads are only way of protection from COVID-19. The move of head shaving has been started in the village at least one hundred young and old villagers have passed through this process.

People of Pakistan are passing from lock-down time. Talking to this scribe Ali Dino and Mukhtiar told that we have faith that head shaving is only way which can protect us from any epidemic including COVID-19.
It is funny that all villagers are faithful that shaving head can protect them from any dangerous disease. They said that “when entire world passing through wave of fear, we have found a way to keep busy ourselves. We believe that, we can keep ourselves safe from Corona virus through this way, to shave heads. At least one hundred young, old and boys of the village have shaved their heads and process is still continue”
Because of lock-down time people need any activity to kill the time. Because of that they may have started head shaving move, but what can any do as they have firm believe about protection from COVID-19. They said that within one or two days whole male population will be head shaved. Thanks God that women are excluded from head shaving practice in the village.


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