Federal Govt. bias against Sindh Govt.

raza rabbani

Staff Report

KARACHI: Mian Raza Rabbani, Former Chairman Senate, has issued the following press statement;

The interference in the affairs of the Province of Sindh under the garb of the deteriorating law and order situation is unlawful and unconstitutional, as law and order is a provincial subject under the Constitution, 1973, and is condemned.

This step against the Province of Sindh shows the open biased of the Federal Government towards a Provincial Government which belongs to the Opposition.

It will be recalled that in the very recent past, the Province of Punjab was paralyzed by demonstrations of the TLP. Police officers and personnel were kidnapped and made hostage. Government and private property and vehicles were ransacked and burnt. Over 500 law enforcing personnel were seriously wounded and a number of them were killed by the demonstrators.

Punjab for nearly a week was in state of total anarchy and mobs ruled the streets. The writ of the Provincial Government had ceased to exist. There was a uncomfortable silence of the Federal Government, such double standards which violate the Constitution do not augur well for the Federation.

The two alleged sources, as named in the media, belong to Karachi and have a vested interest in heightening tension between the Federation and the Province. The Federal Government will be well advised to follow the Constitution in letter and spirit, as it cannot afford political destabilization with cracks appearing in its federal and provincial parliamentary party.


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