Covid19 update: Death toll sees a spike as 105 lives lost in a day

corona update

The death toll from the deadly Coronavirus witnessed a spike from 73 to 105 in a day, the highest figure since June 9, as the pandemic continues to spread its tentacles across the country in its second wave.

The data update from the NCOC showed that 2,731 fresh cases were reported, 15 patients were in the critical category and 38,028 tests were conducted. Around 2,265 patients recovered in a day. So far 9,010 people have died from the coronavirus.

The NCOC data showed a positive rate of 7.18%, while the death rate inched up to 2.27% and recovery at 97.73%.

A total of 38,028 tests were conducted in a day and the total number of total tests has risen to 6,136,799. So far 388,598 people have recovered from the virus.

As per the mortality analysis by NCOC the covid19 has proved deadly for males – 70% of whom lost lives. 77.5% were over the age of 50 years, 73% had chronic comorbidities, 91% of deceased remained hospitalized and 58% of hospitalized patients remained on ventilator.

Utter disregard of basic precautions, little use of masks, unchecked social gatherings, public rallies and the belief that covid-19 was a thing of the past, have contributed to the sharp rise in cases in the country.


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