Rooplo Kolhi A freedom fighter of Pakistan who fought against the British Raj and hanged


August 22, his death anniversary

Rooplo Kolhi was a Pakistani Sindhi Freedom Fighter, who fought against the British Rulers in Karoonjhar Mountains at Nagarparkar District Tharparkar.

The British Hanged Him On 22 August 1858 with his companions. On This Day, 3000 Kolis were killed by the British Army.

His Anniversary Is Celebrated On August 22 Every Year

When a British general Charles Napier had defeated rulers of Sindh, independent Sindh’s Flag Was removed & the British flag was installed at Pakka Qela Hyderabad Sindh.

British announced the rule all over Sindh but Britishers faced resistance From Kolhi Community in Tharparkar Desert

Thakur Ladho Singh, Sodho Kalji & Rooplo Kolhi Established Their Fields in Karoonjhar Mountains. Thakur Ladho Singh was leading the Rajputs, Sodho Kalji was leading Kolis & Rooplo Kolhi leading Kolis.

Rooplo Kolhi was Joined by a large number of Kolis as 8000 Koli Warriors. Rooplo Kolhi Attacking British-controlled Police Stations, Revenue offices, Telegraph offices & Brought them Under Koli,s Control.

In the retaliation, the British Army attacked at the Rooplo under Leadership of General Tyrwhitt on The night of 15 April 1859. But the British Army was badly defeated by Rooplo’s Army, many of British soldiers were Killed and General Tyrwhitt was escaped from the battlefield on a camel and Came To Hyderabad.

Rajputs of Bhodesar turned in favor of British force because of land and money. Rajputs and British force Surrounded the Nagarparkar and Sodho Kalji, who was leading Kolis was killed, Thakur Ladho Singh was arrested, while Rooplo Kolhi was escaped to the Karoonjhar mountains.

Local Berahmn informed Tyrwhitt About Pag Wool Well. Rooplo Kolhi and his men was arrested Near Pag Wool Well.

Rooplo Kolhi was Brought Before Colonel Tyrwhitt, who offered him a large sum of wealth with a condition that Kolhi should seek an apology and become a vassal.

His wife Meenawati was allowed to meet him in prison, Meenawati said to her husband, “I am not worried because if you die as brave, many Rooplo Kolhi will be born and if you die like a traitor no Rooplo Kolhi will born to save their motherland.”

After this Rooplo’s fingers were wrapped in cotton and soaked in oil was Burnt in front of locals.

He sustained all torchers bravely. He was hanged on the nanks of gardharo stream, near Nagarparkar and Karunjher mountains on 22 August 1858.

We remember and salute our heroes.


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